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The Abington Historical Commission has drafted and presented a Demolition Delay Bylaw and we provide it here for your review (download the

 Word Doc or PDF) or view online at Current Projects.


Welcome to the Abington (Massachusetts) Historical Commission's address on the internet. We are in the infancy of our website and urge you to return here often to see the changes as they take place. You may find that not all of the pages are filled with content, while others are abundant.

As of now the most robust pages are located on the personal injury lawyer Halifax section above which currently has SIX subsections full of Abington history and information. They are: Abington Town Seal (historical info), A Historical Sketch of Abington, Abington Timeline, Historic Homes of Abington, Historic Places of Abington, and a page on the North Abington Riot.

Two other robust sections of our site our: Abington Links and Historical Resources. The former contains links of other Abington website such as the police and town website, while the latter contains Historical Resources ranging from national to local level non-profits (such as the Plymouth Plantation, Adams Historical Site, Battleship Cove, et al)

The website will continue to grow and change as we add more photos, articles, and more. We ask you tell your friends and visit us again soon.

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